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Log-In Guide to the Endpoint Management Portal

The Endpoint Management portal is used for managing the applications that EMM admins may use to manage devices.

To login to this portal,

  1. Go to the Endpoint Management app using your browser. This can be accessed with the following url format, https://Replace-Your-IP-Address:9443/endpoint-mgt For example https://localhost:9443/endpoint-mgt

  2. You will get a security exception as bellow, since SSL certificates have not been set up. Click Advanced, then Proceed to localhost (unsafe).

    Log In Guide

  3. The browser will now be redirected to the log-in page. Type the default username admin and the password admin and click LOG IN.

    Log In Guide

  4. Finally the browser will be redirected again to the Endpoint Management portal which looks like bellow:

Log In Guide