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Identity Server App Integration

The Identity Server App Integration feature enables you to connect to multiple Identity Server instances through the Entgra App Publisher, and to manage the Service Provider Apps. It also facilitates mapping new or existing public, enterprise, web or custom apps in Entgra App Publisher to one or more Service Provider Apps.

Configuring Identity Server App Integration


  • Identity Server (IS) v4 or above. Click here for more details.

  • Entgra IoT Server (IoTS) 5.0.0 pack.

Steps for configuration:

  1. Start the IoTS pack and then the IS (run the IS with port offset i.e. ./ start -DportOffset=1).

  2. Login to IS carbon console https://localhost:9444/carbon and create a new Service Provider (SP) by navigating to Home > Identity > Service Providers > Add. Click here for more details.

  3. Enter the Service Provider Name and Description then click Register. In the next form, leave the default values and click Update. Refer to this on how to keep the default values of the form.

  4. Go to Entgra App Publisher and navigate to Manage > Service Provider Apps and click Connect +.

  5. Fill the form with required information and submit. If it is a local setup, then the values will be as follows: