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Working with the Product

Product Documentation

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Product Guide

The Product Guide section is aimed at guiding you with step-by-step procedures and videos on working with the Entgra IoT server. Covered within this, is first the System Requirements outlining the required specifications for running Entgra IoT in your system.

Click on the heading of each for descriptive explanations of each of the sections within the product guide:

System Requirements

Outlines the required specifications for running Entgra IoT in your system.

Downloading and Starting the Server

This section describes the basic configurations needed and guides you through on how to start up the server. This guide is based on a Linux based OS.

Log-In Guide

Explains how to log in to the Device Management portal which is used for managing applications by EMM administrators.

Enrollment Guide

The enrollment guide section covers complete guides on enrolling Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices. These include procedures for all types of enrollment available for iOS devices including the standard DEP enrollment, BYOD along with additional server configurations for each. For Android devices, detailed procedures with and without using the QR code, including that of using the Entgra Agent are covered within this section. Additional Server configurations for Windows enrollments have been provided along with steps for enrolling Windows devices.

Manage Tenants

Entgra IoT server supports multi-tenancy and this section provides information on tenant management.

Manage Roles

Entgra IoT server has a set of default roles. This section takes you through on how to manage these existing roles, and to create and assign new roles to users or user groups.

Manage Users

This section guides you through on managing different types of user roles that are defined within Entgra IoT server.

App Management

The App Management section takes you through on How to Publish an App, manage its Lifecycle and new releases. Covered within here, is Google Enterprise App Management guiding you through on how to enroll a device as a Google enterprise enabled work profile.