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Welcome to Entgra Product Documentation!

Product Documentation

Entgra Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to integrate, secure, manage, and monitor their enterprise mobile devices conveniently.

The latest version of Entgra UEM Server that has been released is 5.3.0.

Use our product documentation to navigate to the relevant sections for detailed information on the product.

Entgra UEM Server

Read about our UEM server, its architecture, infrastructure requirements and scroll through our release archive for its chronology of feature evolution.
Getting Started Guide

Use our quick start guide to set up the UEM server on Windows, Linux and on MacOS.
Product Guide

Comprehensive guide on enrolling and managing devices, setting up configurations, applying policies and geofencing. Insight into App Store and App Publisher functionalities with an overview of Analytics dashboards.
Entgra Cloud

Entgra Cloud evaluation is available for free evaluation for 14-days! Click Try-It-Now to experience our UEM server functionality or the IoT Platform for application development, via Entgra cloud.
Developer Guide

Follow our guide for developers and administrators to access shared APIs, Identity Server App integrations, Identity management with Asgardeo, UEM server clustering deployment and user management.
Key Concepts

Explore the frequently used terminology and their context in relation to our product.