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Working with the Product

Product Guide

The Entgra UEM Server features comprehensive capabilities for managing enterprise mobile devices.

Browse through our product guide for detailed information on the server configurations, device enrollment, applicable policies and analytics capabilities.

Enrollment Guide

Enroll your Android, iOS and Windows devices with Entgra UEM.
Manage Enrolled Devices

Step-by-step instructions on how to update, group, unenroll, add operations to, and other standard operations on your enrolled devices.

Applicable policies for different device types and how to configure them.
Geo Fences

Set up virtual boundaries for geographically defined areas, configure location-based policies and enforce actions.

Manage your users, roles and device groups. Set up required platform and device-specific configurations.
App Store

Navigate the Entgra App Store to search for apps, add app reviews, add to favorites, install and uninstall apps and more.
App Publisher

Access and manage the lifecycles of all your public, enterprise, private, web and custom apps through the Entgra App Publisher.

Monitor all your device analytics using grafana-based Entgra Analytics dashboards.