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About Entgra UEM Server

Entgra UEM server comprises of the following broad areas of management:

  • EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management

  • MDM - Mobile Device Management

  • MAM - Mobile Application Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

The EMM suite of Entgra’s UEM server comprises of extensive Device Management, Policy Management and Application Management capabilities.

EMM Diagram


Resolving complex field force management scenarios with simple, time and cost effective solutions, Entgra’s MDM is easily customizable as per the requirements.

Handles Complete MDM Lifecycle Focuses on monitoring, controlling, securing and enforcing policies on devices Implementation of comprehensive and customized policy management solutions


Mobile Application Management (MAM) includes application lifecycle management and securely deploying applications on user devices. Application store provides the capabilities to install/uninstall or upgrade applications on user’s devices. Allows the management of corporate apps well as public apps from Google Playstore or Apple app store. App management includes managing licenses, bulk license provisioning and scheduled app management.


The functionality of the Entgra UEM Server can be broadly classified into Core, Extended and Analytics capabilities as follows:


Included in the IoT core functionality are its extensive device management capabilities covering all aspects of policy/configuration/operation and user management sections. This in effect is centralized around device management focusing on device plugins, event stream management and more.


Entgra UEM server can be extended to be used with the integration, machine learning, workflows and many other areas.


Extensive real-time, batch and edge analytics capabilities are provided by the Entgra UEM.

Entgra’s Edge - Our Potency

  • Fully integrated IoT security, based on WSO2 platform, IS for Identity Federation.
  • Event Processing - Real-time, batch and edge analytics capability with real-time event processor.
  • Open source platform with full flexibility to commercialize individual projects.
  • OEM Partnership to embed WSO2 Technologies.
  • Cloud and on-premise deployments, easily migratable from one to another.
  • Ultimate adaptability - a multitude of control options and extension points.
  • Enterprise Grade Architecture
  • Battle-tested platform in over global 2000 companies worldwide, handling billions of mission-critical transactions every day.
  • Only vendor with out-of-the-box support solutions for Android, iOS and Windows in the same platform.

Release Version:

  • The current release version of Entgra UEM Server is 5.1.0.

Presentation on Entgra EMM


WSO2 Summit 2020

Unified Endpoint Management

Enterprises are increasingly adopting different types of devices into their business operations everyday. Some of these are standard mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops. While some other categories of devices such as sensors, PLCs, communication gateways, edge computing devices, CCTV cameras, etc. are also heavily used to monitor and control various areas that impact the business supply / consumption chain.

Once these types of devices are employed, business processes need to be changed to be able to communicate with them seamlessly adhering to rest of enterprise application development paradigms.

Find out how Entgra UEM Server offers a Unified set of API Endpoints (UEM) representing complete enterprise device deployment. Listen to our Founder / CEO Sumedha Rubasinghe speak on Unified Endpoint Management APIs for Enterprise Devices at the WSO2 Summit APAC 2020 (Virtual) - Day 1 (09th Septemeber 2020). [@3:33 hrs of the clip below]