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User Management

User management is a mechanism that involves defining and managing users, roles and their access levels in a system. A typical user management implementation involves a wide range of functionality such as adding/deleting users, controlling user activity through permissions, managing user roles, defining authentication policies, resetting user passwords etc.

Please note the following before you begin:

Your product has a primary user store where the users/roles that you create using the management console are stored by default. Its default RegEx configurations are as follows. RegEx configurations ensure that parameters like the length of a user name/password meet the requirements of the user store.

PasswordJavaRegEx-------- ^[\S]{5,30}$
PasswordJavaScriptRegEx-- ^[\S]{5,30}$
UsernameJavaRegEx-------- ^~!#$;%*+={}\\{3,30}$
UsernameJavaScriptRegEx-- ^[\S]{3,30}$
RolenameJavaRegEx-------- ^~!#$;%*+={}\\{3,30}$
RolenameJavaScriptRegEx-- ^[\S]{3,30}$

When creating users/roles, if you enter a username, password etc. that does not conform to the RegEx configurations, the system throws an exception. You can either change the RegEx configuration or enter values that conform to the RegEx. If you change the default user store, configure the RegEx accordingly under the user store manager configurations in <IoTS_HOME>/conf/user-mgt.xml file.